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Zrmanja Excursions - Izleti po rijeci Zrmanji     We organize boat trips on the Zrmanja river to the last waterfall "Jankovic waterfall", located about 4 km upstream from the town of Obrovac and to the river estuary, about 11 kilometers downstream from Obrovac. For groups it is possible to arrange boat excursions along the Novigrad Sea, and even along the Velebit canal - Starigrad Paklenica.

Zrmanja Excursions - Izleti brodom po rijeci Zrmanji     Boat trips on the river Zrmanja. Harbour is a city Obrovac where the boat trips starts. The exceptions are pre-arranged trips where groups arrive at the other, already arranged, location.

Some of the natural attractions that can be seen on boat trips on the Zrmanja river are waterfalls, canyon, old mills, deeply cut canyon, estuary of the river, Novigrad Sea, locations from the Winnetou movie, flora and fauna, multitude of morphological karst phenomena, numerous caves and wells, rare and protected animals etc.

Jankovića buk - Izvor - panoramio.com     Waterfalls Zrmanja are located about 4 kilometers upstream from Obrovac and drive to them takes about half an hour in one direction. It is a waterfall called "Jankovica buk" which is also the last cascade of the river Zrmanja before filling in the Novigrad Sea. At the waterfall there are old and abandoned stone mills that once used to produce flour and were a very important economic facility in the past of this region. Obrovac used to be connected with mils walled donkey trail of which are now only surviving parts. Above "Jankovica buk" are the walls of the former - Old Obrovac.

Kanjon Zrmanje - Izvor - mw2.google.com     The canyon is one of the most attractive parts of the Zrmanja. Deepens as you approach the sea and in some places reaches a few hundred meters almost vertical cliffs of the river Zrmanja formed during the millennia through the rocks of karst hidden Velebit region. In the canyon you can meet many rare animals including Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea), Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), Otter (Lutrinae), Large green lizard (Lacerta trilineata) and others.

    River's estuary where Zrmanja runs into the Novigrad sea is something truly worth seeing. A winding river, which in its last kilometers passes through several hundred meters high canyon "disappears" in the Novigrad Sea. The scene that will surely be pleasant for nature lovers.

     Winnetou - Kanjon Zrmanje - Izvor - zadarskilist.comUp and downstream of Obrovca are, some more and some less well-known, locations where the famous cowboy classic, film Winnetou was filmed. Movie fans are able to see some of them well-known location they remember from the movie, and feel the untouched nature and wilderness in the true sense of the word. The landscape that resembles the Grand Canyon by their morphological characteristics recognizable and memorable.

     Many karst geomorphological and hydrogeological phenomena caused mainly by abrasion in the past ice, today water, and as such are truly excellent natural attraction that can create only nature, not man.

     Zrmanja Excursions - Maslenički mostVelebit canal is specific in that it is at the point where Adriatic Sea merges with magnificent mountain Velebit. Driving Velebt canal also offers a truly wonderful sense of where on one side you have the mountains, and on the other the sea. If you decide to take tour from Obrovac to the Velebit canal you pass under two Maslenica bridges.

     Do not miss the chance and if you are passing ba visit us for the moment, take a deep breath in a truly unspoiled nature and charms that she has prepared for you.

     For all information, reservations, questions and appointments please contact us by email, phone or facebook. We will be happy to answer.

Written by: Marko Modrić

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